Welcome to SPURart. We build skis & snowboards in Innsbruck, Austria. We love the mountains and fresh powder and we're obsessed with building the perfect ride. If you feel the same way, you've found the right place. Sign up for one of our ski building workshops to build your own skis or snowboard - we look forward to helping you 'design your line'.

Build Skis or a Snowboard in Innsbruck, Austria

Why SPURart?

Ever stop at the bottom of a run to look back at your line? That is your ‘SPURart’. In German SPUR means trail, like the trail you leave in the snow. Art? We believe the mountains are a never-ending canvas and your ride is your brush. Learn how to build skis or a board with us and design your own line.

The Perfect Ride

SPURart started with a dream to build the perfect ride. We’ve ridden lots of skis and boards and know gear counts. Our custom made skis start where mass produced gear ends. Ever wish your ride had that one extra thing? We did. We’ve answered that wish with custom built skis and boards in our quest for the perfect ride. You can too.

Build Your Own Skis or Snowboard

Would you like to build your own skis? At SPURart ski and snowboard building workshops you can build skis or a snowboard to perfectly match your wishes and desires. Every pair of SPURart custom skis and every snowboard is unique. Click here to read more about our ski & snowboard building workshops.

How to Build Skis or a Snowboard

Building skis and snowboards is our passion. Enjoy browsing our website for more information about our ski & snowboard building process, check out our photos and videos for an insight into our workshops or click here to learn how to make skis. Do you still have questions about how to build skis and boards? Contact us anytime!

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