Designed, built, measured, weighed, tested and tried on countless rides down the Innsbrucker Nordkette mountain chain, our experience and a huge amount of passion has formed these shapes, and of course we keep on developing them constantly.


We build snowboards in all variations and shapes and we love trying out new things. You want a snowboard you can’t find out there in the market place? We build it. Fish or full rocker, inverse surf shape or on top of it even a splitboard- we’ll figure it out and build it for you.
Are your feet too big for a normal snowboard? We build you a Wide Board! And we also carry an assortment of classic snowboards; we can advise which shape works best for your needs.


You’ve lost interest in ski tours as you are mainly a snow boarder?
We’ve got several splitboard shapes which work really well in alpine terrain. If you have a picture in mind we can help you make your new splitboard a reality. We also stock splitkits and splitboard firs so you can hit the mountain straight away. Check out details about our additional splitboard accessories on our SHOP page.

CARBON Skis & Splitboards

For all free riders in and out of bounds, touring enthusiasts and splitboard riders we’ve developed a new ultra light product range with 100% carbon fibre. This reduces the overall weight by 20% without missing out on core performance. Carbon is much stiffer than fibre glass which means we can use thinner and therefore lighter layers. Carbon flex requires different shape and bias from fibre glass flex which is why we have come up with a special range of shapes for Carbon Skis and Splitboards.

We have developed a special surface that doesn’t require a top sheet on top of the carbon fibre, which makes the ski or board even lighter; however it still stays very solid and keeps the beautifully shiny carbon look. We recommend subtle design inlays (check out the Ski and Snowboard design catalogue for more info).


Using our top shapes, we have created a SPURart Limited Design edition.
You can order from the LIMITED edition online or at the workshop./

We are only taking 30 orders in total for the 2017 season.
Each ski or board will be numbered. This way we can ensure the SPURart  Limited Edition will stay special for the lucky 30 who can call one of them their own.

  • SPURart LIMITED alpine skis are classically designed with wooden inlays. Simple, elegant and timeless.
  • SPURart LIMITED Carbon Skis and Splitboards are strikingly beautiful, decorated with a mix of carbon and wooden inlays.

Order your SPURart LIMITED Edition ski or board HERE.


890 €/

SKI Carbon

890 €/


890 €/

Check out what's possible WITH SPURart


It’s all about you. It’s all about your individual style and how you’d like to be seen in the snow. Classic or chic, sporty or wacky; it’s your choice because it’s all about your ski or snowboard, your individuality.

Wood veneer, laser engravings or old school vintage look- you can pick the one you like or even design your own. Have a look at the Ski und Snowboard Design Catalogue (-> here), get inspired by browsing our gallery (-> here) and design video (-> here).


Alles über MATERIALIEN & TECHNISCHE FEATURES findet ihr in unserem KNOW-HOW./


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