Care & Maintenance Manual for wooden topsheets

We’re written a new maintenance manual to keep it easy for you to look after your rides.

Download the PDF here: Care & Maintenance SPURart (EN)


Wooden Surface

Wood is a natural material and needs to be maintained in order to stay resistant to snow and ice. All SPURart skis and boards are finished with a coating of epoxy resin lacquer for basic protection; however, to keep them protected they need to be coated with a hard-wax oil on a regular basis. Scratches and marks can be sanded with sandpaper beforehand. The wax should be worked into the wooden surface and left to dry overnight.

Hint: The more often the surface gets waxed, the glossier the finish and the less often you’ll have to get your skis or board serviced by professionals!

Professional Service

When getting your SPURart skis or board serviced professionally, please advise that they have to be cleaned with a dry cloth straight after base grinding and edge sharpening. The chemicals and dirty water used with grinding machines can cause water and dirt stains on the veneer which are very hard to remove.

Base Coat

Our base coats are particularly high quality and very durable. We recommend hot-waxing your SPURart skis or board before first use. They’re fastest when freshly waxed! Regular hot-waxing gets you the best results.

Beware of Heat

SPURart skis and boards are hand laminated and hardened at 60degrees Celsius. Don’t expose them to any temperature higher than that or the epoxy resin will start to soften. We advise against using a temperbox, but of course you can just use a good old iron!


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