When do the workshops take place?

SPURart workshops run every weekend during the winter season and twice a month in summer. The workshops start at 8.15 am on Saturday and last until approx 4 pm on Sunday.

Do i need any pre experiences or special skills?

No. Weshow you how it works.

What does the workshopprice include?

Prices include the initial ski / snowboard design consultation and support, the ski / snowboard building workshop, all building materials and a SPURart ski building expert for support and guidance during the workshop. Not included are bindings and design extras.

Is there a group rate?

We offer group rates and can arrange exclusive workshops for groups of 5 or more people.

Custom Skis and Snowboards/

How long is the delivery time and cost of my customized skis?

From order we deliver in 6 weeks to your home and the whole free shipping within Europe.